About us

Gloucestershire Humanists is a local partner group of Humanists UK and an affiliate member of the National Secular Society.

We aim to provide an open, friendly, and welcoming environment for people who share a humanist worldview, and for those who believe that you can live a good and meaningful life without the need of a god. Most of our membership are based in Cheltenham, but we do have members all over Gloucestershire, south Worcestershire, and beyond. Further details on our aims can be found here.

As a group, we do not always share the same opinions and nor is our stance on any issue prescribed from ‘on high’, but we do share a common methodology as we seek to enhance the quality of our lives using reason, empathy and through use of the scientific method.

Humanists are people who get involved and make a difference, but we also find strength in our solidarity with each other. Our members vary in age and they come from a wide range of backgrounds and professional as well as personal experiences. Together we are involved with all sorts of voluntary work and members quietly involve themselves with the county’s cultural scene. In addition, we aim to promote humanism within Gloucestershire in a number of ways including providing school speakers and engaging and supporting local community initiatives such as Glos Hate Crime and the LGBT+ Partnership. Further details on how we are active in the community and our local activity can be found here.

Since March 2020, we have been continuing as a group with online events held by Zoom, fortnightly ‘breakfast’ catch-ups and virtual book clubs. In this most difficult time, offering community, camaraderie, and companionship have been especially important to us.

Please think seriously about the strength and support that you may be able to find from our group should you decide to join and support us, as we would be strengthened by your contribution.

On behalf of the Gloucestershire Humanists Committee:

Hannah, JoAnne, Rachel, Sarah, and Steve (February 2021)