Our group

Since humanists tend to be free-thinkers and independent spirits, generalising about our group is not easy, but here goes:

We are men and women, the young, middle-aged and the more ‘mature’. Some of us are lifelong humanists whilst others have only recently identified themselves as such.

What we have in common is that we are individuals who endeavour to lead good lives without religion and are fundamentally optimistic about the way humans can live together co-operatively.

Through our meetings and activities we value the opportunity to meet regularly with like-minded people both to socialise and to explore topics of interest. Members of our group are also involved in the community. We also meet socially (online for now) for an informal breakfast on at least one Sunday per month.

Many of our members live in or around Cheltenham, where we hold most of our meetings, though we also have members from across Gloucestershire and a few from neighbouring counties.

Our group has been around in various forms since 1965 and we’ve had a number of name changes in that time. We changed from Cotswolds Humanists to Gloucestershire Humanists (GlosHums) in November 2014.