Humanism is concerned with leading a good life without god(s). Humanists determine truths through science, evidence and reason and believe in leading ethical and fulfilling lives with human welfare and happiness central to their decision making. Humanists do not believe in life after death.

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Humanist principles are summed up in the internationally agreed Amsterdam Declaration 2002. This states that humanism is:

  1. ethical
  2. rational
  3. supportive of democracy and human rights
  4. insists that personal liberty should be combined with social responsibility
  5. is a response to the demand for an alternative to dogmatic religion
  6. values artistic creativity and imagination
  7. is a life stance that seeks maximum possible fulfilment through the cultivation of ethical and creative living

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Humanists UK provides more in-depth information about humanism. Their introductory video clips are well worth looking at and the four short animations narrated by Stephen Fry are particularly useful. If you would like to read more about humanism please see our reading list or have a look at our links page.