There are many issues around humanism and education.

Most humanists feel that enforced worship has no place in schools through the the demand that each school has a daily active of collective worship.  And it’s worth noting that every parent has the right to remove their child from collective worship and/or Religious Education. Humanists UK has a useful page of FAQs on these topics for parents and also teachers.

We have concerns about the number, public funding and influence of faith schools, particularly given they can discriminate on religious grounds both in terms of admissions and employment practice.

There are also issues such as the growing number of religious-based ‘free schools’ and the risk of creationism being taught.

However, we have a positive view of the role of Religious Education. We think that when it is taught well and with reference to ethics and non-religious viewpoints, it can be a very important part of children’s education. This is why we are happy to provide resources for teachers and school speakers.