As we are an active community, we enjoy hosting various events that allow us to get-together. Currently these are all virtual, but include:

  • Monthly meetings on Zoom. At these events, we either invite an external speaker or a host discussion session which is led by group members. A selection held over the last year include:
    • “Helping those in need in and around Cheltenham” (External)
    • “Creative Living During the Pandemic” (Internal)
    • “A Humanist Reads the News” (Internal)
    • “Christmas Quiz” (Internal)
    • “Humanism and Education” (External)
    • “How Should We Talk About Humanism” (External)
  • Twice-monthly ‘breakfast’ social meetings on Zoom: a chance for us to meet to talk a little bit about humanism and a lot more about everything else!
  • A quarterly book club on Zoom where we meet to discuss a particular book chosen from a shortlist. Each book club alternates between fiction and non-fiction.

Our current programme can be found here. Details on how to register can be found on this page. Our events schedule is also kept up-to-date on MeetUp and Facebook too.

In pre-COVID times, we used to hold in-person meetings at The Victory Club in Cheltenham and social breakfasts at ‘The Moon Under Water’ in Cheltenham. Our pages on ‘Where We Meet‘ and ‘When We Meet‘ are kept live in the hope that we will be able to meet in-person later in 2021.