Why join?

We’re proud of what we do as a group and hope that you choose to support us.

The group offers:

  • a thriving local humanist community
  • a varied and interesting programme of monthly meetings, monthly Sunday breakfast gatherings and a quarterly book club
  • support to Humanists UK and National Secular Society
  • representation of the voice of the non-religious through our membership of the Gloucestershire Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education – the body that, by law, is responsible for devising the local RE curriculum in schools and monitoring collective worship
  • support for those who contact use who have concerns about religious privilege and its impact, particularly parents of school children
  • the promotion of awareness of non-religious ceremonies offered by Humanist UK’s Humanist Ceremonies network
  • involvement in pastoral care settings such as prisons and hospitals
  • this website, a Facebook page and Twitter feed

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